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Tech Solution India is a proactive organization based in New Delhi, India, specializing in customized software development, web development & website design with interactive flash & multimedia animation since last 25 years.

The business paradigm of Tech Solution India includes the following areas

Customized software development – Tech Solution India develops customized software solutions for its clients and also for internal use. The array of the Software include Software Solutions for Trading/Manufacturing organization ,Payroll Software, School Management Software, Library Management Software,Retail Solutions & Asset Management Solution etc.

Web development and Internet/Intra net based Solutions – Tech Solution India has completed many web projects catering to niche segment of internet fraternity, which include portals, dynamic websites, multimedia rich interactive websites with Flash and Intranet based solutions for Business Automation. The sites and portals generate a run-of-the-network traffic and a significant business every month for our clients

Our Services

Website Design

Make your ideas come alive. Website designing is our strong point. We at Tech Solution India create perfect designs to form creative websites that involve users of ultra-modern workstations and mobile devices.

Web Development

Our team of experts creates smart sites that meet your expectations along with web solutions to turn your online presence into a profitable entity.

App Development

Expand conversions to the powerful customers and build your built-in sensitive mobile apps. Our platform designed iPhone, Blackberry, and apps like Android.

Software Development

We work with businesses to create customized digital solutions fit to their business model. Whether you're looking to develop new software products, automate outdated processes, or revamp your digital presence - our unique value is the ability to use innovative thinking to drive tangible change.

Digital Marketing

Tech Solution India helps you to explore your business. We are not singly a web development company but also provide digital marketing services because we know digital success is not everything and it’s not just about technology, It’s about mindset and totally based on strategy.

Ecommerce Solutions

Our e-commerce solutions are the most effective online sales tools with an easy-to-use user interface, high download speeds and a one-time payment process that offers an exclusive shopping experience.

Hr Management/Payroll

We have been providing payroll services and Human Resource solutions to businesses.We are committed to leveraging our industry experience and leading technology to provide comprehensive, user-friendly products and services to our many clients.

Retail Accounting Solution/Pos Solution

POS Solutions – Tech Solution India is a complete point of sale system but the most important feature is ease of use and affordability. We have worked with our customers for years to achieve a system that most people can learn in a few hours.

Sales Channel Management(SCM)

The position will require the development and implementation of sales channel management plans for individual clients within the banking, financial service, FMCG, consumer product, information technology, internet, manufacturing, telecommunications.

Asset Management

Tech Solution India has a world class asset management business with services to meet a wide array of client needs. We provide advice, manage investment portfolios and funds, and offer wealth management services around the world.

School Management Solution

If you want a robust admission management system for your education facility, but want something that has other features too, check out what we offer at Tech Solution India . We have Enterprise and Professional versions that feature capabilities specifically designed for the education realm.


ERP takes a customer order and provides a software road map for automating the different steps along the path to fulfilling it. When a customer service representative enters a customer order into an ERP system.

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Computer & Laptop Repair

Computers offer physical and vulnerable parts or computer components, such as the CPU, monitor, keyboard, data storage, graphics card, sound card, speakers and motherboard. On the other hand, the program is an instruction that can be saved by hardware.



Computer AMC

Tech Solution India is a high-level software and digital marketing and marketing agency in India, providing a complete web solution that includes web design, responsive web design, website development, ecommerce development, custom web design, optimization of search engines, social media marketing and making payments that are just a click away.


Creating ideas and building brands that truly matter to people.

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Tech Solution India has sorted out my all problem and give a life to my computer. Iam very much impress with their skills and the professional attitude. Iam just surprise to see how they worked on my computer remotely and the cost is very less..

Devender Ranas

Tech Solution India has work in my computer for almost 3 hours and now i can say that my computer is working very nice and my outlook is also working fine like before and iam very impress with their friendly behaviour. ..

Dilip Kumar

Tech Solution India provides a valuable resource to our technical support staff who use the technology to undertake remote testing and diagnostics..


Our association with Tech Solution India helped us to beat the competition and made us stand apart in the league. Dedicated team here left no stone unturned to figure out the best marketing strategy in order to make us leading firm. A big thank to them.